AHWI - American Health & Wellness Institute

American Health & Wellness Institute

American Health & Wellness Institute (AHWI) provides integrated multidisciplinary healthcare services tailored for the individual and family across the lifespan. Our approach to healthcare is driven by the needs of our clients and helping them reach achievable health outcomes. AHWI services promote health and wellness by strengthening both the individual and family.

At AHWI, we conceptualize health and wellness services as being on a spectrum of support that ranges from prevention to maintenance. A place where services are not only designed to promote health and wellness, but are also designed to grow and adapt to the changing needs of the individual and community, throughout the lifespan. We see our job as being a partner with the individual, family and community to achieve optimum health through education, risk management, and support. With Wellness Centers in California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, and Virginia, AHWI is committed to providing all of our clients with a healthcare experience that is unique and meaningful. We take care of you, so that you can take care of living!

AHWI is thrilled to announce the opening of our Planting Seeds Program at our Long Beach location on 2nd Street. Inspired by the Montessori and Reggio philosophies, our Planting Seeds Program is based on a unique community setting that promotes holistic learning, discovery, and exploration and promotes healthy development across multiple domains of development. AHWI’s Planting Seeds Program offers families a place to play and grow together and experience the profound joys of learning, all in one place.