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Adkins Singh, Angela

Angela Adkins Singh

Chief Executive Officer

Angela Adkins Singh is the Chief Executive Officer at American Health and Wellness Institute (AHWI). She has over 20 years experience working in health care as a clinician, teacher, trainer, volunteer, researcher, consultant and Director. She has provided behavioral health services, rehabilitation groups, substance abuse counseling, individual and family counseling, clinical assessments, risk management and treatment planning in inpatient and outpatient settings as well as provided case management, residential and day program services and vocational training in the community. Angela previously worked with adults in a forensic inpatient setting where she was integral to the development and successful implementation of the Behavior Supports Model and the Transition Planning from the institution to community based settings. She has extensive training and experience in behavioral assessment and development, implementation of Positive Behavior Supports plans, and in training staff in behavioral methodology. In her role as a consultant, Angela has provided services in mental health, forensic and developmental and intellectual disability settings.

Angela is the author of over 30 publications including training manuals and book chapters as well as a reviewer for the Journal of Child and Family Studies and Mindfulness. She has given presentations nationally and internationally, including the U.S., Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Italy and Spain.