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Planting Seeds Program Membership Information

Text Box: Angela‚Äôs PicThe proverb ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ means simply that. It takes more than one person to teach a child the ways of life; it takes a village, a community. Conveniently located between Livingston Park, Mother’s Beach, and Naples Gondola, our Planting Seeds Program is a Parenting Community for expectant and new families. It is a warm, welcoming, safe, community-based place to learn, laugh, play and grow together. We provide support, education, and activities that promote the interaction between developmental domains and enrich the parent child relationship.

About Our Program

How Our Program Works
At the heart of our Planting Seeds Program are our infant, toddler and preschool Playgroups for parents and children that are designed to allow different types of play to overlap and interact as your child creates, learns and grows. Themes change every 6-8 weeks while new activities, materials, projects, and tools are introduced weekly. Playgroups integrate different types of play such as sensory stimulation, creative arts, rough and tumble, risk-taking, fine and gross motor, dramatic, symbolic, language, construction, rule based, and mastery into the learning environment.

Our Playgroups
Our Playgroups have a limited number of participants because, in our experience, small, intimate groups work best, as they allow children, parents and team members to be hands-on while learning, connecting and developing new relationships. Our schedule is designed to fit around your schedule and the ever changing needs of your child. We offer activities in the mornings and evenings and on weekends. You may sign up for Playgroups anytime, space permitting.

Monthly Playgroup Fees

  • Member Price: $79 (first child)
  • Non-Member Price: $99 (per child)

For one monthly fee, members and non-members get:

  • Choice of any two (2) scheduled Playgroups per week (8 per month) for parent and one child
  • One (1) workshop per month

Annual Family Membership
An annual family membership is available for only $59. Although all of our programs are open to the community, members receive discounts and priority registration for Groups and Individual Programs as well as price reductions and special discounts on workshops, classes and selected items. Please call or visit www.ahwinstitute.com for a listing of all our current activities, events and services.

Additional Member Benefits:

  • All members receive a 20% discount for siblings attending our programs, workshops, presentations, additional class add-ons, special events and birthday parties. In addition, members are reserved first option for special event registration, 2 friend vouchers per year, and discounts from local vendors.
  • Access to our Planting Seeds Community comprehensive resource library and local community resource book for all things pregnancy, parenting and holistic family living.
  • Organized, Member-only activities throughout the month.

Additional Individual Programs and Pricing

Member Price: $45-60*
Non-Member Price: $60-75*
Drop In: $19

Combines the best music methods from Orff, Kodaly and Suzuki. In this
interactive program, parents and children work together to make music, play
instruments, take turns, and sing songs.

*Pricing for Kindermusik packages are monthly per child.

Spanish Music Groups
Member Price: $40
Non-Member Price: $45
Drop In: $12

Introduce your child to the world of Spanish through music, dance, stories and art. Four groups per month.

Creative Arts Studio
Member Price: $48
Non-Member Price: $55
Drop In: $15

Our Arts & Crafts studio is designed to nurture our children's creativity and fine motor development. We will provide a wide range of inspiring materials. Along with special featured activities and materials, themed open studio time may include: play dough and clays, drawing, painting and printmaking, beading, collage and construction, and more. Children may move freely between different activities, spending as little or as much time as they choose at each. Studio staff does not give formal art instruction; we encourage creative thinking, provide gentle guidance and offer support as needed. Four groups per month.

Sign Language Series
Member Price: $79
Non-Member Price: $129
Drop In: $35

Communication is central to the parent child relationship. Signing aids speech development, boosts cognition, reduces tantrums and improves parent child relationships. Four groups per month

Infant Massage
Member Price: $40
Non-Member Price: $60
Drop In: $17

Designed for pregnant families or parents with new babies (must be at least 6 weeks old and up to 12 months) to learn about and share the many benefits (improved digestion, reduced crying, promote restful sleep) of infant massage. Four groups per month.

Parent & Infant Yoga
Member Price: $40

Non-Member Price: $45
Drop In: $13

Designed for parents and babies 6 weeks-crawling, you will have the chance to stretch, rejuvenate and connect with your little one as well as other new parents. Four groups per month.

Toddler or Preschool Yoga
Member Price: $28
Non-Member Price: $35
Drop In: $10

Giving kids the tools to concentrate, learn, relax and just have fun. Four groups per month.

Mindfulness for Preschoolers
Member Price: $79
Non-Member Price: $99
Drop In: $30

Improve focus, self-control, creativity and flexibility. Studies find that young children that practice mindfulness meditation have better executive control, which is a predictor of school success. Mindfulness has also been shown to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety among children experiencing divorce. Four groups per month.

Member Price: Call for Member Discount Pricing
Non-Member Price: Call for Pricing

Improve working memory and executive functions with this fun and interactive, evidenced-based computer software available either at home or in one of our Centers.

Although drop-ins are welcome and rates are available for most classes, they fill quickly. Please call ahead to check availability. Gift Cards are also available. Please ask a Team Member for more details.