AHWI - American Health & Wellness Institute

Abstract Submission

Guidelines for Submission

1. Keynote Address

Keynote speakers are by formal invitation only.

2. Pre-Conference Full and Half Day Workshops

Pre-conference workshops can be offered by experts in their chosen skill areas, especially those that are aligned with the key themes of the conference. Abstracts should be a maximum of 500 words, and include a synopsis of the topic covered and the overall objectives of the workshop.

All submissions should provide a structured abstract that includes the following:

  • Brief descriptive title
  • Scientific background
  • What skills the participants will learn
  • Training modalities
  • 2-3 key references
  • Implications for practice
  • 100-word description of the workshop leader(s)

Pre-Conference workshops will be scheduled for 3 hours (half day) and 6 hours (full day), excluding lunch and tea/coffee breaks.

​3. Conference Papers 

Individual conference papers are presentations on a clinical, theoretical, research or practice topic with a typical time allocation of 15-20 minutes.

All submissions should provide a structured 250-word abstract that includes the following:

  • Title, name of presenter(s), and contact address
  • Introduction
  • Method
  • Results
  • Discussion

Conference staff will organize all individual conference paper submissions into a themed symposia aligned with the key themes of the conference. Individuals may submit multiple papers, which should be ranked in order of priority, but there is no guarantee that more than one paper may be accepted for presentation.

4. Symposia

A symposium is organized around a specific theme or topic. It consists of a Convenor who will also Chair the symposium, and a maximum of three or four individual presenters. A symposium will be scheduled for 90 minutes.

Conveners of a Symposium should submit an abstract of about 500 words that includes a general description of the overall symposium, including the name and contact details of the Convenor, and the names of 3 or 4 presenters and titles of their presentations. This should be accompanied by a structured Abstract for each presentation, using the same format as for the Conference Papers above. The Convenor accepts responsibility for ensuring that all presenters register for the conference.

5. Posters

Posters are case presentations, including research studies currently in progress.  Poster sessions will be scheduled throughout the conference and there will be opportunities for presenters to discuss their posters with delegates before and after conference sessions, and during coffee and lunch breaks. Participants may submit more than one poster presentation.

All poster presentation submissions should provide a structured 250-word abstract that includes the following:

  • Title, name of presenter(s), and contact address
  • Introduction
  • Method
  • Results
  • Discussion

Case presentations can be formatted in a manner that best highlights the case. Only pseudonyms should be used to protect the individual’s identity.

Specifications regarding poster size are as follows:

• Poster size: maximum 85 cm (34 inches) wide and 120 cm (47 inches) high.
• A poster must be readable from about 2 meters.
• Prepare a label for the top of your poster indicating the title, the author(s) and their affiliation(s).
• The poster is expected to include (for empirical studies):
      1. abstract (optional);
      2. introduction;
      3. methods;
      4. results;
      5. discussion and/or conclusion.

Please note that there will be the possibility of printing your poster in a shop near the conference venue for between 7 and 10 euros.

6. ​Registration

Presenters of accepted submissions, including posters, will be expected to register for the conference in advance. Spouses or partners who wish to attend conference presentations should also register in advance so that adequate seating in each lecture theater can be assured.

7. Submit

Abstract Submission is currently closed.