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Soles of the Feet

Meditation on the Soles of the Feet

This is a mindfulness-based procedure that individuals can use as a coping strategy for aggressive and other challenging behaviors. It involves teaching individuals to redirect their attention from an emotionally arousing thought, situation, or event to an emotionally neutral part of their body, the soles of the feet. When individuals master the procedure, they are able to stop before the challenging behavior occurs, shift the focus of their attention to the soles of the feet, calm themselves, and then choose how to react to the triggering thought, situation, or event. The procedure provides individuals with an internalized response that is easy to master, and can be used in almost any context.

Trainers from AHWI teach and certify parents, teachers, and direct care staff in instructing and assisting clients with intellectual disability and/or mental illness to use Meditation on the Soles of the Feet at home, school, community, and institutional settings.