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Lifestyle Change

Weight Management

The Weight Management Program is a medical-behavioral program that utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to help individuals lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Under close supervision, we work with you to identify and implement strategies for long-term weight loss success and lifestyle changes.  While offering intensive treatment for people who have difficulty controlling their weight, our Program also provides education in the areas of nutrition, fitness and health. 

All of our Programs contain the same core, but can be designed for slight weight loss of 20 pounds or less, moderate weight loss of 20 to 50 pounds, and for weight loss greater than 50 pounds.

Individuals will:

  • Learn skills to keep reduce weight and keep weight off
  • Learn about risk factors and risk management
  • Learn techniques for supermarket shopping, ordering in restaurants, preparing meals and snacking
  • Receive frequent monitoring from program staff
  • Focus on what they can do; not what they cannot
  • Expect their overall health to improve as risk factors associated with excess weight are reduced

Lifestyle Changes

We work with clients and provide education on how proper nutrition and physical activity work together to keep weight off, in addition to teaching skills and habits necessary to help maintain a medically sound weight. Weight loss is just the first step in weight-loss management. After achieving the desired weight loss, we continue to be available to support and help individuals maintain long-term success.

Smoking Cessation

Quitting smoking is the single most important step a smoker can take to improve the length and quality of his or her life. Stopping smoking can be tough but smokers don’t have to quit alone. At AHWI, we understand the unique challenges of quitting. Our team of trained professionals offers individual and group counseling both to people who want to quit and to those who are thinking about quitting.

Why This Program Is Different

Our program is based on clinical experience in helping smokers to quit, and utilizes evidence-based tools that have been demonstrated to be effective in scientific studies.

Stop Quitting

Though only about 7 percent of “self-quitters” and smokers who try to quit “cold turkey” are successful, research has shown that using a combination of cessation approaches is associated with significantly greater success. We can help you learn various individualized techniques for coping with these cravings without lighting up.

What to Expect

The program begins with a one-hour, individual consultation, covering the following:

  • A history of your smoking behavior and past attempts to quit
  • An in-depth look at your lifestyle, smoking patterns, and individual smoking triggers
  • How you handle stress, and what stress management techniques might work best for you
  • Whether you live or work with other smokers
  • How ready and motivated you are to begin the process of quitting
  • Whether nicotine replacement, pharmacological (drug) or behavioral therapies, or a combination of approaches will be most beneficial for you

Assessment and Support

All of the treatment approaches offered through our smoking cessation program, from stress management and motivational counseling to behavioral techniques for resisting the urge to smoke and nicotine replacement, are also available for your family members who want to quit.

Anger Management

For more information on our tailored Anger Management Program, please call us at 888.582.2974 or email us at: ahwi-online@ahwinstitute.com.