AHWI - American Health & Wellness Institute

Sports Medicine

Evaluation and Treatment

AHWI provides care for non-surgical sports injuries and ailments and musculoskeletal injuries of athletes and non-athletes. We see everyone from well conditioned competitive athletes and weekend warriors to people who are just contemplating becoming physically active. Common acute injuries include as ankle sprains, muscle strains and knee and shoulder injuries. More chronic or overuse type injuries would include rotator cuff and other tendon pains, tennis elbow and stress fractures. Our services include:

  • Pre-participation physical exam (sports physical)
  • Injury assessment and management
  • General medical needs of the athlete
  • Sports psychology issues
  • Joint, bursa and tendon injections
  • Coordination of care with surgeons, physical therapists and athletic trainers.
  • Exercise prescription and healthy lifestyle education

Approximately 90% of sports related injuries are non-operative, but if you need surgery, we will refer you to the appropriate surgeon.


In the near future we will have computerized testing for head injuries. However, that testing is a small part of the evaluation and management of concussion. An evaluation by a physician familiar with the national and international guidelines on concussion management is of paramount importance. The school districts also now have specific guidelines for returning to sport. We work with the local athletic trainers to safely return an athlete to full participation using the best guidance available. Having the added perspectives of a sports physician and psychologist will continue to be beneficial.

Performance improvement

Under development. We plan to combine the talents of sports physicians, physical therapists, personal trainers and psychologists to improve sports performance or general physical fitness.